Halophytic Plants for Animal Feed: Associated Botanical and Nutritional Characteristics

World Halophytes Biodiversity, Ecophysiology

Author(s): Salah Abdelaty Attia-Ismail

Pp: 1-20 (20)

Doi: 10.2174/9789815050387122010006

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Halophytes are plants that initiate their growth, accomplish their life course, and outlive others in a salty environment. The word halophytes has two syllables (halo = salt, phyte = plant). However, halophytes vary greatly with respect to salt tolerance. This chapter discusses the soils in which halophytes grow and the climate as well as their effects. The halophyte biodiversity in different regions of the world is reviewed.

Keywords: Asia, Australia, Biodiversity, Climate, Ecophysiology, Europe, Halophytes, Mediterranean, Soil, The Arab region, World.

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