Nanotherapeutic Strategies and New Pharmaceuticals (Part 1)

Advances in Nanotherapeutic Agents

Author(s): Waseeq Ur Rehman, Shahid Ali Khan*, Zubair Ahmad, Muhammad Tayyab Noor Khattak, Shah Hussain, Youssef O. Al-Ghamdi, Mahjoub Jabli and Yasir Anwar

Pp: 1-16 (16)

Doi: 10.2174/9789815036694121010004

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Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science covering all the technological fields. Likewise all other fields, the medical field is also encountered by nanotechnology. In this regard, nanopharmaceuticals has gained the attention of researchers, leading to the development of nanomedicines. Nanopharmaceuticals are biologicals active molecules used for the effectiveness of drug therapies on the nanoscale. Nanomedicines in the fast-developing area have shown very fruitful results. Nanomedicines offer varieties of properties, for example, it has the capability to cross the cell barriers in order to reach the targeted organelles. It also overcomes the multidrug-resistant and prevents the effect on healthy cells. Drug delivery based on nanoparticles has many applications. Nanoparticles-based drug delivery system delivers the specified drug to the cells of the targeted tissue by controlled release. Thus, it has overcome the limitations of conventional therapies. The anti-cancer drug delivery to the cancerous cells is one of the examples of nanocarriers-based therapy. Nanoshells are used in this regard. Nanoshells load the specified anticancer pharmaceuticals, penetrate the cells and attack the targeted organelles within cells. The main and important properties of this therapy are the prevention of healthy cells from the drug effect. Nanotechnology is also used in diagnosis. It is used in the diagnosis of bone fractures, cardiovascular diseases, cancerous cells identification, and the detection of tumors in the brain. Nanolaser-based surgery is also the emerging field of nanotechnology. For this purpose, nano microscopy was used. In nano microscopy, surgery nano-based tools are used in which have the ability to penetrate the cells and remove/ kill the infected organelles. In this chapter, almost all the aspects of nanotechnology have been discussed, with a special focus on nanocarriers.

Keywords: Nanoscience, Nanomedicines, Nanobots, Nanoendoscopes, Nanolasers, Nanotechnology in Radiology.

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