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Recent Patents on Signal Processing (Discontinued)
ISSN (Print):2210-6863
ISSN (Online):1877-6124

Recent Patents on Space Technology (Discontinued)
ISSN (Print):2210-6871.
ISSN (Online):1877-6116

Recent Patents on Telecommunication (Discontinued)
ISSN (Print):2211-7407
ISSN (Online):2211-7415

Recent Progress in Space Technology (Discontinued)
ISSN (Print):2210-6871
ISSN (Online):1877-6116

Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials
ISSN (Print):1574-8871
ISSN (Online):1876-1038

Sustainability and Disaster Risk Management (Discontinued)
ISSN (Print):2542-6141
ISSN (Online):2542-615X

Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship
ISSN (Print):2213-8099
ISSN (Online):2213-8102

The Natural Products Journal
ISSN (Print):2210-3155
ISSN (Online):2210-3163

Vascular Disease Prevention
ISSN (Print):1567-2700
ISSN (Online):1567-2700