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The Interaction Between Gender and Diabetes Mellitus in the Coronary Heart Disease Risk

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 22,Issue: 25
Page: 3802-3816
Authors: Evangelos Oikonomou, Vasiliki Tsigkou, George Lazaros, Georgios Angelos Papamikroulis, Spyridon Papaioannou, Gerasimos Siasos and Dimitris Tousoulis

Reduction in Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) Results in an Increased Risk of Spontaneous Hemorrhagic Transformation in Patients with Large-artery Atherosclerosis Stroke

Journal: Current Neurovascular Research
Volume: 13,Issue: 1
Page: 75-81
Authors: Bian Liu, Deren Wang, Zilong Hao, Dan Li, Junhuai Zhang, Junfeng Liu and Ming Liu

Visit-to-visit blood pressure variability and classes of antihypertensive agents; associations with artery remodeling and the risk of stroke

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 22,Issue: 3
Page: 383-389
Authors: Michiaki Nagai, Keigo Dote, Masaya Kato, Shota Sasaki, Noboru Oda, Eisuke Kagawa, Yoshinori Nakano, Aya Yamane, Yumiko Kubo, Tasuku Higashihara, Shunsuke Miyauchi and Wakako Harada

A High Burden of Ischemic Stroke in Regions of Eastern/Central Europe is Largely Due to Modifiable Risk Factors

Journal: Current Neurovascular Research
Volume: 12,Issue: 4
Page: 341-352
Authors: Slaven Pikija, Vladimir Trkulja, Branko Malojcic, J. Sebastian Mutzenbach and Johann Sellner

Prevalence of Foot Ulcers, Foot at Risk and Associated Risk Factors Among Jordanian Diabetics

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 13,Issue: 2
Page: 182-191
Authors: Musab Yousef AlAyed, Nidal Younes, Moath Al-Smady, Yousef Saleh Khader, Asirvatham Alwin Robert and Kamel Ajlouni

Family History of Type 2 Diabetes: Does Having a Diabetic Parent Increase the Risk?

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 13,Issue: 1
Page: 19-25
Authors: A. K. Papazafiropoulou, N. Papanas, A. Melidonis and E. Maltezos

Is There any Correlation Between Diabetic Retinopathy and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 13,Issue: 1
Page: 81-86
Authors: Nasser Shoeibi and Shokoufeh Bonakdaran

Clinical Significance of the New Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Diabetes Mellitus

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 11,Issue: 4
Page: 273-280
Authors: Pedro Iglesias, J. Pedro-Botet, Francisco Arrieta, Manuel Aguilar and Fernando Escobar on behalf of the Working Group on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease of the Spanish Society of Diabetes

DNA Methylation and MicroRNA-Based Biomarkers for Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 12,Issue: 1
Page: 20-29
Authors: Thomas M. O’Connell and Christina A. Markunas

Altered Prolylcarboxypeptidase Expression and Function in Response to Different Risk Factors of Diabetes

Journal: Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 14,Issue: 3
Page: 175-189
Authors: Tahmineh Tabrizian, Lillie Floyd and Zia Shariat-Madar

Brain Aging in African-Americans: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Experience

Journal: Current Alzheimer Research
Volume: 12,Issue: 7
Page: 607-613
Authors: Rebecca F. Gottesman, Myriam Fornage, David S. Knopman and Thomas H. Mosley

Non-Vitamin K Oral Anticoagulant Drugs for Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Chronic Kidney Disease

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 23,Issue: 19
Page: 2055-2069
Authors: Tatjana S. Potpara, Vera Jokic, Nikolaos Dagres, Torben B. Larsen, Deirdre A. Lane, Gerhard Hindricks and Gregory Y.H. Lip

Neuropharmacological Actions of Metformin in Stroke

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 13,Issue: 3
Page: 389-394
Authors: Jia Jia, Jian Cheng, Jingshu Ni and Xuechu Zhen

Statins in Stroke Prevention: Present and Future

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 22,Issue: 30
Page: 4638-4644
Authors: Luis Castilla-Guerra, María del Carmen Fernandez-Moreno and Miguel Angel Colmenero-Camacho

Prognostic Significance of Homocysteine Levels in Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Prospective Cohort Study

Journal: Current Neurovascular Research
Volume: 12,Issue: 4
Page: 334-340
Authors: Yan Ji, Bo Song, Yuming Xu, Hui Fang, Jun Wu, Shilei Sun, Lu Zhao, Changhe Shi, Yuan Gao, Yongli Tao and Yapeng Li

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