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Recent Advances in the Asymmetric Claisen Rearrangement Promoted by Chiral Organometallic Lewis Acids or Organic Bronsted-Lowry Acids

Journal: Current Organic Synthesis
Volume: 12,Issue: 6
Page: 795-805
Authors: Tiago Costa Alves Fontoura Rodrigues, Wender Alves Silva and Angelo Henrique Lira Machado

Synthesis and Characterization of Anthracene Functionalized Novel Fluorescent Amino Acids: Interactions of the Fluorescent Amino Acids with Metal Ions

Journal: Current Organic Synthesis
Volume: 13,Issue: 4
Page: 646-650
Authors: Chandran Raju, Kalaipriya Madhaiyan, Radhakrishnan Sridhar and S. Mahalakshmi

New Insight on the Synthesis of Neurotoxins Domoic Acid and Kainic Acid

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 22,Issue: 8
Page: 696-711
Authors: Adriano Mollica, Roberto Costante, Azzurra Stefanucci and Ettore Novellino

Synthesis and Function of Cyclic Poly(Lactic Acid) and Oligo(Lactic Acid)

Journal: Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry
Volume: 14,Issue: 1
Page: 35-43
Authors: Keiichiro Nomura and Hitomi Ohara

Design and Synthesis of New Conjugates of Bile Acids with Salicylic, Acetylsalicylic and Nicotinic Acids

Journal: Letters in Organic Chemistry
Volume: 13,Issue: 4
Page: 302-309
Authors: Tomasz Pospieszny and Bogumił Brycki

The Synthesis of 3-Phenylpropidronate Applying Phosphorus Trichloride and Phosphorous Acid in Methanesulfonic Acid

Journal: Current Organic Chemistry
Volume: 20,Issue: 16
Page: 1745-1752
Authors: Alajos Grün, Dávid I. Nagy, Orsolya Németh, Zoltán Mucsi, Sándor Garadnay, István Greiner and György Keglevich

A Validated HPLC-PDA Method for the Analysis of Ursolic Acid Content in Poly(lactic acid) Nanoparticles

Journal: Current Chromatography
Volume: 3,Issue: 2
Page: 117-122
Authors: Emilli Antonio, Osmar dos R. A. Junior, Najeh M. Khalil and Rubiana M. Mainardes

Competitive Interaction Between Plasma Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Arachidonic Acid is Related to Down-Regulation of A Signaling Mediator

Journal: Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 12,Issue: 4
Page: 318-327
Authors: Kunio Yui, George Imataka and Yohei Kawasaki

The Co-Catalyst Effect of Zeolites on Acidic Ionic Liquid Catalyzed One-Pot Conversion of Cellulose to Ethyl Levulinate and Levulinic Acid in Aqueous Ethanol

Journal: Current Catalysis
Volume: 4,Issue: 2
Page: 143-151
Authors: Bernard Wiredu, Julie N. Dominguez and Ananda S. Amarasekara

Nutritional Evaluation of Whole and Lipid-Extracted Biomass of the Microalga Scenedesmus sp. AMDD Isolated in Saskatchewan, Canada for Animal Feeds: Proximate, Amino Acid, Fatty Acid, Carotenoid and Elemental Composition

Journal: Current Biotechnology
Volume: 4,Issue: 4
Page: 530-546
Authors: Sean M. Tibbetts, Ronald J. Melanson, Kyoung C. Park, Arjun H. Banskota, Roumiana Stefanova and Patrick J. McGinn

A Rapid LC-ESI-MS/MS Method for the Quantitation of Salicylic Acid, an Active Metabolite of Acetylsalicylic Acid: Application to in vivo Pharmacokinetic and Bioequivalence Study in Indian Healthy Male Volunteers

Journal: Applied Clinical Research, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs
Volume: 2,Issue: 2
Page: 90-102
Authors: Dhiman Halder, Shubhasis Dan, Easha Biswas, Pradipta Sarkar, Umesh C. Halder and Tapan K. Pal

Docking Studies of Glutamine Valproic Acid Derivative (S)-5- amino-2-(heptan-4-ylamino)-5-oxopentanoic Acid (Gln-VPA) on HDAC8 with Biological Evaluation in HeLa Cells

Journal: Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 16,Issue: 11
Page: 1485-1490
Authors: F. Martínez-Ramos, G. R. Luna-Palencia, I. Vásquez-Moctezuma, D. Méndez-Luna, M. J. Fragoso-Vázquez, J. Trujillo-Ferrara, M. A. Meraz-Ríos, J. E. Mendieta-Wejebe and J. Correa-Basurto

Synthesis of Pyrazole by Using Polyvinylsulfonic Acid (PVSA) as a Novel Bronsted Acid Catalyst

Journal: Current Catalysis
Volume: 5,Issue: 1
Page: 4-10
Authors: Sunil S. Ekbote, Sandip T. Gadge and Bhalchandra M. Bhanage

Ursolic Acid and Oleanolic Acid: Pentacyclic Terpenoids with Promising Anti-Inflammatory Activities

Journal: Recent Patents on Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery
Volume: 10,Issue: 1
Page: 21-33
Authors: Dharambir Kashyap, Ajay Sharma, Hardeep S. Tuli, Sandeep Punia and Anil K. Sharma

Advances in Research on Pharmacological Activities and Synthesis of Oleanolic Acid Derivatives at C-3 Position

Journal: The Natural Products Journal
Volume: 5,Issue: 3
Page: 191-198
Authors: Qutong Zheng, Yi Liu, Hongfei Chen, Yan Xiao, Xianliang Zeng, Yun Wei, Xinrui Luo, Xuan Xiao, Zongbao Wang and Xing Zheng

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