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Lithium Use During Early, Late Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

Journal: Current Women`s Health Reviews
Volume: 7, Issue: 1
Page: 46-49
Authors: Carlos De las Cuevas and Emilio J. Sanz

Teratogenic and Developmental Effects of Lithium

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 12, Issue: 12
Page: 1531-1541
Authors: James J. Giles and John G. Bannigan

Staged Starnes Operation Preserving Patent Ductus Arteriosus for Neonates with Ebsteins Anomaly and Pulmonary Atresia

Journal: Current Cardiology Reviews
Volume: 4, Issue: 2
Page: 81-83
Authors: Yoichi Kawahira, Kyoichi Nishigaki, Hideto Ozawa and Tsugutoshi Suzuki