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Genetic, Epigenetic and Biological Effects of Zinc Transporter (SLC30A8) in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Journal: Current Diabetes Reviews
Volume: 13,Issue: 2
Page: 132-140
Authors: Harvest F. Gu

Sulfur- and Acyl Chain-Dependent Influence of 2-Methoxy-Lysophosphatidylcholine Analogues on β Pancreatic Cells

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 15,Issue: 23
Page: 2395-2405
Authors: Anna Drzazga, Anna Ciesielska and Edyta Gendaszewska-Darmach

New Insights Emerging from Recent Investigations on Human Group II Pyridoxal 5’-Phosphate Decarboxylases

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 24,Issue: 3
Page: 226-244
Authors: Alessandro Paiardini, Giorgio Giardina, Giada Rossignoli, Carla Borri Voltattorni and Mariarita Bertoldi

Antidiabetic Effect of Polyphenolic Extracts from Selected Edible Plants as α-Amylase, α -Glucosidase and PTP1B Inhibitors, and β Pancreatic Cells Cytoprotective Agents - A Comparative Study

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 15,Issue: 23
Page: 2431-2444
Authors: Małgorzata Zakłos-Szyda, Iwona Majewska, Małgorzata Redzynia and Maria Koziołkiewicz

Regulation of GABA Neurotransmission by Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD)

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 21,Issue: 34
Page: 4939-4942
Authors: Jigar Pravinchandra Modi, Howard Prentice and Jang-Yen Wu

Insights into the Zinc-Dependent Deacetylase LpxC: Biochemical Properties and Inhibitor Design

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 16,Issue: 21
Page: 2379-2430
Authors: Dmitrii V. Kalinin and Ralph Holl

Short and Long Term Effects of a DPP-4 Inhibitor Versus Bedtime NPH Insulin as ADD-ON Therapy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 22,Issue: 44
Page: 6716-6721
Authors: Giordana Maluf da Silva, Katia Camarano Nogueira, Rosa Tsuneshiro Fukui, Marcia Regina Soares Correia, Rosa Ferreira dos Santos and Maria Elizabeth Rossi da Silva

Molecular Remodeling of the Insulin Receptor Pathway by Thiazolidinediones in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Brief Review

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 23,Issue: 9
Page: 836-847
Authors: Nikhil S. Sahajpal and Subheet K. Jain

Cancer-Type Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1B3: Current Knowledge of the Gene Structure, Expression Profile, Functional Implications and Future Perspectives

Journal: Current Drug Metabolism
Volume: 16,Issue: 6
Page: 474-485
Authors: Tomomi Furihata, Yuchen Sun and Kan Chiba

Molecular Modeling and Virtual Screening Approach to Discover Potential Antileishmanial Inhibitors Against Ornithine Decarboxylase

Journal: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Volume: 19,Issue: 10
Page: 813-823
Authors: Rajan Kumar Pandey, Priyanka Prajapati, Sukriti Goyal, Abhinav Grover and Vijay Kumar Prajapati

Mechanism of a Mutation in Non-Structural Protein 1 Inducing High Pathogenicity of Avian Influenza Virus H5N1

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 23,Issue: 4
Page: 372-378
Authors: Yusuke S. Kato, Kiyoshi Fukui and Kazuo Suzuki

Calcitriol Reduces Hepatic Triglyceride Accumulation and Glucose Output Through Ca2+/CaMKKβ/AMPK Activation Under Insulin-Resistant Conditions in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Journal: Current Molecular Medicine
Volume: 16,Issue: 8
Page: 747-758
Authors: S. Cheng, W. Y. So, D. Zhang, Q. Cheng, B. J. Boucher and P. S. Leung

A VL-linker-VH orientation dependent single chain variable antibody fragment against rabies virus G protein with enhanced neutralizing potency in vivo.

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 23,Issue: 1
Page: 24-32
Authors: Yue Cheng, Zhuang Li, Hualong Xi, Tiejun Gu, Ruosen Yuan, Xiaoxu Chen, Chunlai Jiang, Wei Kong and Yongge Wu

L-Arginine Transport and Nitric Oxide Production in Kinin Receptor B1-/- Endothelial Cells.

Journal: Protein & Peptide Letters
Volume: 22,Issue: 12
Page: 1111-1116
Authors: Renato C. Tudela, Rodrigo A. Loiola, Tathiany C. Torres, Noemi L. Gil, Nilson A. Assunção, Samuel M.R. de Noronha, Silvana A. Correa-Noronha, Richardt G. Landgraf and Liliam Fernandes

Role of Zinc and Lysosomal Enzymes in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Periodontitis

Journal: Current Nutrition & Food Science
Volume: 12,Issue: 3
Page: 208-211
Authors: D.S. Pushparani

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