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Anal Cancer: Focus on HIV-Positive Patients in the HAART Era

Journal: Current HIV Research
Volume: 9,Issue: 2
Page: 70-81
Authors: Ernesto Zanet, Massimiliano Berretta, Ferdinando Martellotta, Bruno Cacopardo, Rossella Fisichella, Marcello Tavio, Salvatore Berretta and Umberto Tirelli

The Association of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Anal Canal

Journal: Current Drug Therapy
Volume: 5,Issue: 3
Page: 220-228
Authors: Francesca Valvo, Barbara Avuzzi and Federico Bozzetti

Anal Carcinoma

Journal: Current Cancer Therapy Reviews
Volume: 5,Issue: 2
Page: 142-150
Authors: Wayne A.I. Frederick, Neil Bhayani, Debra Ford, Gary Yang and Charles R. Thomas Jr.

Ultrasonography Fused with PET-CT Hybrid Imaging

Journal: Current Medical Imaging Reviews
Volume: 7,Issue: 3
Page: 248-251
Authors: Jesper Udesen, Caroline Ewertsen, Fredrik Gran, Anders Fogh Christensen, Flemming Kjaer-Kristoffersen, Svend Aage Engelholm, Jørgen Arendt Jensen and Michael Bachmann Nielsen

Docking and Molecular Dynamics Study on the Inhibitory Activity of Novel Inhibitors on Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)

Journal: Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 7,Issue: 1
Page: 24-31
Authors: Qing-Hua Liao, Qing-Zhi Gao, Jing Wei and Kuo-Chen Chou

Results 1 - 5 of 5