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Platelet Inhibition Agents: Current and Future P2Y12 Receptor Antagonists

Journal: Current Vascular Pharmacology
Volume: 13,Issue: 5
Page: 566-577
Authors: Jie Tang, Mu-Peng Li, Hong-Hao Zhou and Xiao-Ping Chen

Vorapaxar, a Protease-Activated Receptor-1 Antagonist, a Double –Edged Sword!

Journal: Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery (Discontinued)
Volume: 9,Issue: 2
Page: 73-77
Authors: Bharti Bhandari and Bharati Mehta

Advances in Inhibitors of FXa

Journal: Current Drug Targets
Volume: 16,Issue: 11
Page: 1207-1232
Authors: Liwei Guo and Shutao Ma

Development of Trypsin-Like Serine Protease Inhibitors as Therapeutic Agents: Opportunities, Challenges, and their Unique Structure-Based Rationales

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 16,Issue: 13
Page: 1506-1529
Authors: Guyan Liang and J. Phillip Bowen

P2Y12 Receptor Antagonists: Which One to Choose? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 22,Issue: 29
Page: 4568-4576
Authors: Alexandros Briasoulis, Tesfaye Telila, Mohan Palla, Gerasimos Siasos and Dimitris Tousoulis

Results 1 - 5 of 5