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Agomelatine for Bipolar Depression: A Chronotherapeutic Agent?

Journal: Current Psychopharmacology
Volume: 4,Issue: 2
Page: 84-95
Authors: María Yoldi-Negrete, Claudia Becerra-Palars, Armando Carvajal-Lohr, Alejandra Monserrat Rodríguez-Ramírez and María Alejandra Martín-Manzo

The Role of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) in Bipolar Disorder: Effectiveness in 522 Patients with Bipolar Depression, Mixed-state, Mania and Catatonic Features

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 15,Issue: 3
Page: 359-371
Authors: Giulio Perugi, Pierpaolo Medda, Cristina Toni, Michela Giorgi Mariani, Chiara Socci and Mauro Mauri

An Open-Label Study of Quetiapine Extended-Release in a Sample of Postpartum Women with Bipolar II Depressive Episode

Journal: Current Psychopharmacology
Volume: 4,Issue: 1
Page: 17-26
Authors: Shaila Misri, Jasmin Abizadeh, Andrea B. Eng, Gillian Albert, Deirdre Ryan and Elena Swift

Scopolamine and Depression: A Role for Muscarinic Antagonism?

Journal: CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets
Volume: 13,Issue: 4
Page: 673-683
Authors: Helge Hasselmann

Late Life Depression: A Diagnostic and Pharmacological Review

Journal: Current Psychopharmacology
Volume: 3,Issue: 1
Page: 32-41
Authors: Carol Dillon, Clara Rodriguez and Fernando E. Taragano

The Role of Muscarinic Receptors in the Pathophysiology of Mood Disorders:A Potential Noveltreatment?

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 13,Issue: 6
Page: 739-749
Authors: Won Je Jeon, Brian Dean, Elizabeth Scarr and Andrew Gibbons

Eicosanoids Derived From Arachidonic Acid and Their Family Prostaglandins and Cyclooxygenase in Psychiatric Disorders

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 13,Issue: 6
Page: 776-785
Authors: Kunio Yui, George Imataka, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Naoki Ohara and Yukiko Naito

The Novel Antipsychotic Cariprazine (RGH-188): State-of-the-Art in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 22,Issue: 33
Page: 5144-5162
Authors: Domenico De Berardis, Laura Orsolini, Felice Iasevoli, Emiliano Prinzivalli, Andrea de Bartolomeis, Nicola Serroni, Monica Mazza, Alessandro Valchera, Michele Fornaro, Roberta Vecchiotti, Alessandro Carano, Gianna Sepede, Federica Vellante, Ilaria Matarazzo, Maurizio Pompili, Giampaolo Perna, Chiara Conti, Cristina Segura-García, Giovanni Martinotti and Massimo Di Giannantonio

N-Acetylcysteine for the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Journal: Current Psychiatry Reviews
Volume: 10,Issue: 4
Page: 308-316
Authors: Fabiele M. Fritzen and Michael H. Bloch

Ketamine as Antidepressant? Current State and Future Perspectives

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 12,Issue: 1
Page: 57-70
Authors: H. W.W. Hasselmann

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Novel Neurotherapeutic Targets for Cognitive Dysfunction in Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia?

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 13,Issue: 5
Page: 663-680
Authors: Christian Knochel, Martin Voss, Florian Gruter, Gilberto S. Alves, Silke Matura, Beate Sepanski, Michael Stablein, Sofia Wenzler, David Prvulovic, Andre F. Carvalho and Viola Oertel-Knochel

Depression and Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Journal: Current Neuropharmacology
Volume: 15,Issue: 3
Page: 353-358
Authors: Leonardo Tondo, Gustavo H. Vazquez and Ross J. Baldessarini

Pharmacogenomics in Psychiatry: Implications for Practice

Journal: Recent Patents on Biotechnology
Volume: 8,Issue: 2
Page: 152-159
Authors: Thea R. Moore, Angela M. Hill and Siva K. Panguluri

Results 1 - 13 of 13