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The Biochemistry of the Grape Berry
By: Hernâni Gerós, M. Manuela Chaves and Serge Delrot

US $ 99

The Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) - Production and Research
By: Giorgio A. Presicce

US $ 79

The Correlates of Loneliness
By: Ami Rokach

US $ 39

The Dynamic Human
By: Maciej Henneberg and Arthur Saniotis

US $ 39

The Economics of Alternative Energy Sources and Globalization
By: Andrew Schmitz, Norbert L. Wilson, Charles B. Moss and David Zilberman

US $ 34

The Emerging Self in Psychotherapy with Adults
By: Richard A. Mackey

US $ 54

The Ethic of Care: a moral compass for Canadian nursing practice
By: Kathleen Stephany and Piotr Majkowski

US $ 59

The Evolution of Time: Studies of Time in Science, Anthropology, Theology
By: Argyris Nicolaidis and Wolfgang Achtner

US $ 59

The Impacts of Skiing and Related Winter Recreational Activities on Mountain Environments
By: Christian Rixen and Antonio Rolando

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The Inflammatory Milieu of Tumors: Cytokines and Chemokines that Affect Tumor Growth and Metastasis
By: Adit Ben-Baruch

US $ 79

The Mechanical Vibration: Therapeutic Effects and Applications
By: Raoul Saggini

US $ 79

The Medical Lives of History`s Famous People
By: William James Maloney

US $ 42