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Frontiers in Ceramic Science
By: Moises R. Cesario, Cedric Gennequin, Edmond Abi-Aad and Daniel A. de Macedo

US $ 79

Frontiers in Horticulture
By: M. Paz Arraiza

US $ 69

Frontiers in Pain Science
By: Boris V. Krylov, Ilia V. Rogachevskii, Tatiana N. Shelykh and Vera B. Plakhova

US $ 89

Frontiers in Parasitology
By: Marcelo Santos da Silva and Maria Isabel N. Cano

US $ 99

Frontiers in Parasitology
By: Fabrizio Bruschi

US $ 49

Frontiers in Reproductive Science; Reproductive Biology, Physiology and Biochemistry of Male Bats
By: Edith Arenas-Ríos

US $ 39

Frontiers in Respiratory Medicine
By: Ali I. Musani and Herve Dutau

US $ 129

Geology: Current and Future Developments
By: Isabel Suárez-Ruiz and João Graciano Mendonça Filho

US $ 79

Head and Neck - Digital Anatomy Atlas
By: Focus Medica

US $ 110

Herbal Medicine Back to the Future
By: Ferid Murad, Atta-ur- Rahman and Ka Bian

US $ 89

How to Help the Suicidal Person to Choose Life: The Ethic of Care and Empathy as an Indispensable Tool for Intervention
By: Kathleen Stephany

US $ 39

Integrated Building Information Modelling
By: Peng Wu, Haijiang Li and Xiangyu Wang

US $ 79