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40 YEARS OF SHS: A LUCKY STAR OF A SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY A Presentation with Elements of a Scientific Lecture
By: Аlexander G. Merzhanov

US $ 49

4D Fetal Echocardiography
By: Giuseppe Rizzo and Domenico Arduini

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A Handbook of Oral Physiology and Oral Biology
By: Anastasios K. Markopoulos

US $ 34

A Review: Chill-Block Melt Spin Technique, Theories & Applications
By: Mustafa Kamal and Usama S. Mohammad

US $ 29

Ad Hoc and Sensor Wireless Networks: Architectures, Algorithms and Protocols
By: Hai Liu, Xiaowen Chu and Yiu-Wing Leung

US $ 22

Advanced Approach To Mitigate Magnetic Fields And Your Health

US $ 49

Advanced Geo-simulation Models
By: Danielle J. Marceau and Itzhak Benenson

US $ 51

Advanced Materials for Membrane Preparation
By: M.G Buonomenna and G. Golemme

US $ 129

Advances in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
By: S.C Tjong

US $ 44

Advances in Biotechnology
By: Pankaj K. Bhowmik, Saikat K. Basu and Aakash Goyal

US $ 44

Advances in Classical Field Theory
By: Asher Yahalom

US $ 44

Advances in III-V Semiconductor Nanowires and Nanodevices
By: Jianye Li, Deli Wang and Ray R. LaPierre

US $ 79