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Reshaping Universities for Survival in the 21st Century: New Opportunities and Paradigms
By: Christina Chow and Clement Leung

US $ 23

Reviews in Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis
By: Constantinos K. Zacharis and Paraskevas D. Tzanavaras

US $ 39

Ricin Toxin
By: John W. Cherwonogrodzky

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Role of Imaging in Adults with  Congenital Heart Disease: State-of-Art  Review
By: Wael AlJaroudi

US $ 21

Rule Developing Experimentation: A Systematic Approach to Understand & Engineer the Consumer Mind
By: Alex Gofman (Deceased) and Howard R. Moskowitz

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Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-being and Social Change: Lessons from Country Australia for Global Citizens
By: Angela T. Ragusa

US $ 59