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Molecular Bases of Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Retina
By: Hemant Khanna

US $ 49

Molecular Mechanism and Morphology in Cancer
By: Misa Nakamura and Kennichi Kakudo

US $ 59

Molecular Oncology: Principles and Recent Advances
By: Javier Camacho

US $ 79

More Food: Road to Survival
By: Roberto Pilu and Giuseppe Gavazzi

US $ 89

Mucins – Potential Regulators of Cell Functions Volume Title: Gel-Forming and Soluble Mucins
By: Joseph Z. Zaretsky and Daniel H. Wreschner

US $ 99

Multi Drug Resistance: A Global Concern
By: Asad U. Khan and Raffaele Zarrilli

US $ 34

Multi-Objective Optimization in Theory and Practice I: Classical Methods
By: Andre A. Keller

US $ 49

Multi-Objective Optimization In Theory and Practice II: Metaheuristic Algorithms
By: Andre A. Keller

US $ 69

Multicore Hardware-Software Design and Verification Techniques
By: Pao-Ann Hsiung, Yean-Ru Chen and Chao-Sheng Lin

US $ 21

Multifunctional Two- and Three-Dimensional Polycrystalline X-Ray Diffractometry
By: Cong Qiuzi, Yu Xiang and He Li

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Multiple Myeloma - A New Era of Treatment Strategies
By: Klaus Podar and Kenneth C. Anderson

US $ 29

By: Ana Lúcia Leitão

US $ 59