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Case Report

A Rare Case of Drug-Induced Erectile Dysfunction with Secukinumab Solved After Switch to Ixekizumab in A Psoriatic Patient: A Case Report

Author(s): Stefano Dastoli, Luigi Francesco Iannone, Luigi Bennardo*, Martina Silvestri, Caterina Palleria, Steven Paul Nisticò, Giovambattista De Sarro and Emilio Russo

Volume 15, Issue 1, 2020

Page: [69 - 72] Pages: 4

DOI: 10.2174/1574886314666190726155147


Background: Psoriasis is a cutaneous inflammatory condition characterized by an altered turnover of keratinocytes leading to scaly patches. Secukinumab and ixekizumab are two biologic drugs inhibiting interleukin-17.

Objective: We report the first case, according to Naranjo score, of a secukinumab-induced erectile dysfunction with severe plaque psoriasis that disappeared after switching to another anti IL17 drug (ixekizumab).

Methods: A 45 years old man experienced erectile dysfunction during treatment with an anti-IL17. The adverse effect appeared after 60 days of treatment with secukinumab and rapidly disappeared after discontinuation of the drug. All necessary urologic exams were carried out. Re-administration of secukinumab, due to the exacerbation of psoriasis, caused the same sexual dysfunction after 60 days.

Results: Switching to ixekizumab lead to a resolution of the erectile dysfunction and a complete skin clearance.

Conclusion: We describe for the first time a sexual dysfunction possibly due to secukinumab and its resolution after the switch to another similar but different drug, highlighting the potential difference between anti-IL17A drugs.

Keywords: Anti-IL17, psoriasis, sexual dysfunction, drug-related side effects, ixekizumab, secukinumab, naranjo Score.

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