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Review Article

Nano-emulgel: Emerging as a Smarter Topical Lipidic Emulsion-based Nanocarrier for Skin Healthcare Applications

Author(s): Kumar Anand*, Subhabrata Ray, Mahfoozur Rahman, Adil Shaharyar, Rudranil Bhowmik, Rammohan Bera and Sanmoy Karmakar

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2019

Page: [16 - 35] Pages: 20

DOI: 10.2174/1574891X14666190717111531


Background: In recent decades, enormous efforts for different drug discovery processes have led to a number of drug molecules available today to overcome different challenges of the health care system. Unfortunately, more than half of these drugs are listed in either BCS (biopharmaceutical classification system) class II/ IV or both are eliminated from the development pipeline due to their limited clinical use. A nanotechnological approach bears much hope and lipoidal fabrication is found to be suitable for the delivery of such drugs. Nanoemulsion based gel i.e. nanoemulgel out of different nanolipoidal formulations has been found to be a suitable approach to successful drug delivery through topical routes. In past few years many herbal and synthetic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) has been patented as nano sized emulsified gel for various therapeutic activities.

Methods: Nanoemulgel is basically an emulsion-based topical gel formulation, where nanosized emulsion globules can be prepared with the help of high energy or low energy methods and further converted into nanoemulgel by adding a suitable gelling agent. Nanoemulgel fabrication enlists various kinds of polymeric materials, surfactants and fatty substances of natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic nature with a globule size range from 5 to 500 nm.

Results: Nanoemulgel can be applicable to various acute and chronic diseases through topical routes.

Conclusion: Nanoemulgel preparations of many recently approved drugs are being used successfully in different areas of health care and have re-defined the significance of topical route of delivery as compared to other routes. However, along with various improvements in the current state of the delivery system, the safety factor needs to be taken into account by toxicological studies of the materials used in such formulations.

Keywords: Health care, topical route, BCS class II/IV, bioavailability, nanotechnology, nanoemulgel.

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