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Considering Circadian Pattern of Blood Pressure in the Treatment of Hypertension via Chronotherapy: A Conducive or Maladroit Approach

Author(s): Rina Das* and Dinesh Kumar Mehta

Volume 20, Issue 12, 2019

Page: [1244 - 1254] Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/1389450120666190527114529

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Medical chronobiology deals with the way body’s rhythm influences a person’s health and disease states. To match body rhythms, deliberate alteration of drug concentration is done to optimize therapeutic outcomes and minimize size effects and this approach is known as Chronotherapeutics. In general the concept of homeostasis has been the base for the treatment of diseases. Little importance has been given in understanding biologic rhythms and their underlying mechanisms. Designing of cardiovascular drug is done to achieve a constant or near-constant effect throughout the 24-hour with the prescribed dose. However in many cases, medication requirement during night and day time are not the same. Body rhythms may have profound effect on the treatment outcomes. It is a wrongful approach to assume that a drug dosed in the morning or evening will have the same antihypertensive effect. The vast literature record of circadian variations in Blood Pressure (BP), heart rate, hormone secretion, and platelet aggregation are examples of the impact of chronobiology. In this study we analyze the effect of circadian pattern of blood pressure on action of various antihypertensives and investigate the perspective of chronotherapeutics- whether it is a fruitful approach and rationalize its utility in the treatment of hypertension.

Keywords: Chronotherapeutics, hypertension, biologic rhythms, antihypertensives, homeostasis, chronobiology.

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