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Review Article

Recent Progress of the Needleless Electrospinning for High Throughput of Nanofibers

Author(s): Zhi Liu*, Jianghui Zhao, Lei Zhou, Zhenzhen Xu, Jian Xing* and Quan Feng

Volume 13, Issue 3, 2019

Page: [164 - 170] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1872210513666190426151150

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Background: In recent decades, nanofiber-based materials have been considered as one of the top interesting fundamental materials for academic studies and practical applications. However, the electrospinning, as the most popular method for manufacturing nanofibers, is plagued by its low productivity. The first patent about electrospinning was emerged in 1934 and the needleless electrospinning is regarded as one of the most promising methods to realize the high throughput of nanofibers.

Methods: This review compares the recent needleless spinning technologies from limited liquid surfaces to free liquid surfaces for improvement of nanofiber throughput. The aim of this review is to reveal the merits and drawbacks of recent methods in practical employment. The view focuses also on the future concern of the needleless electrospinning.

Results: The current needleless electrospinning is featured with the properties: 1) high throughput; 2) lower voltage supply for the stable spinning process; 3) narrow fiber diameter distribution, followed by the drawbacks of poor long-term spinning process and limitation of a good bonding of low voltage supply.

Conclusion: This review provides an update on needleless electrospinning methods for high throughput of nanofibers for industrial applications.

Keywords: Needleless electrospinning, bubble electrospinning, nanofiber, polymeric jets, superfine, filtration.

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