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International Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control


ISSN (Print): 2210-3279
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Research Article

High Payload SVD Based Audio Watermarking Scheme Inherently Robust to mp3 Compression

Author(s): Tribhuwan Kumar Tewari* and Manish Kumar Thakur

Volume 10, Issue 6, 2020

Page: [875 - 885] Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/2210327909666190411123949

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Background & Objective: SVD based audio watermarking schemes met the requirements of imperceptibility, having moderate payload and are robust to most common signal processing attacks. But, when the watermarked audios are compressed at higher compression i.e. compression at lower bit rate, the percentage retrieval of the watermark is reduced. Since the audios posted on the networked environment i.e. world wide web (www) are mostly Mp3 audios compressed at different compression rate, there is a need to develop a watermarking scheme which is inherently robust to compression attack at different bit rates.

Methods: Scheme presented in this paper uses a two phase approach for embedding the watermark. The proposed scheme is having a high payload and is inherently robust to compression attack. In the proposed scheme, watermarked audios are made inherently robust to mp3 compression at different bit rates and common signal processing attacks through selection of embedding frames that resist the attacks fully.

Results & Conclusion: A preliminary analysis of mp3 attack on the individual frames is done prior to finally embedding the watermark for ensuring robustness to mp3 compression and other attacks.

Keywords: Audio watermarking, Baker’s map, blind watermarking, high payload, mp3 compression, Quantization Index Modulation (QIM), robust, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD).

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