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Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry


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Novel Thiazine Substituted 9-Anilinoacridines: Synthesis, Antitumour Activity and Structure Activity Relationships

Author(s): R. Kalirajan*, K. Gaurav, A. Pandiselvi, B. Gowramma and S. Sankar

Volume 19 , Issue 11 , 2019

Page: [1350 - 1358] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1871520619666190408134224

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Background: 9-anilinoacridines are acting as DNA-intercalating agents which plays an important role as antitumor drugs, due to their anti-proliferative properties. Some anticancer agents contain 9- anilinoacridines such as amsacrine (m-AMSA), and nitracrine (Ledakrine) have been already developed.

Methods: In this study, novel 9-anilinoacridines substituted with thiazines 4a-r were designed, synthesized, characterized by physical and spectral data and their cytotoxic activities against DLA cell lines were evaluated.

Results: Among those compounds, 4b, c, e, g, i, j, k, m, o, p, q, r exhibited significant short term in vitro cytotoxic activity against Daltons lymphoma ascites (DLA) cells with CTC50 value of 0.18 to 0.31μM. The compounds 4b, c, e, g, i, j, k, m, o, p, q, r are also exhibited significant long term in vitro anti-tumour activity against human tumor cell lines, HEp-2 (laryngeal epithelial carcinoma) by Sulforhodamine B assay with CTC50 value of 0.20 to 0.39μM. The compounds 4b, i, j exhibited significant in vivo antitumor activity with % Increase in Life Span (ILS) 48-82%.

Conclusion: Results obtained in this study clearly demonstrated that many of the thiazine substituted 9- anilinoacridines exert interesting anti-tumour activity. The compounds 4b, i, j have significant anti-tumour activity and useful drugs after further refinement. The above derivatives will encourage to design future antitumor agents with high therapeutic potentials.

Keywords: Acridine, thiazine, antitumor, DLA cell lines, in vitro activity, in vivo activity.

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