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Review Article

Comparison of Biaxial Loading of Ferrous Based (Fe-based) Shape Memory Smart Materials with Linear and Non-linear Materials

Author(s): Rana Atta ur Rahman*, Daniel Juhre and Thorsten Halle

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2018

Page: [90 - 98] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/2405465803666181019142048


Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) have revolutionized the materials engineering science due to their super-elasticity (SE) and Shape Memory Effect (SME). They recover their shape upon heating or by removing load. Nitinol is the most famous SMA but the research reveals that Ferrous based Shape Memory Alloys (Fe-SMAs) have a great potential to be the counterpart of Nitinol. These Fe- SMAs are effective due to their low cost, high cold workability, good weldability & excellent characteristics comparing with Nitinol. Fe-Mn-Si SMAs have a great potential for civil engineering structures. Further research is being conducted on SMAs to improve and impinge better attributes by improving the material compositions and quantifying the SMA phase transition temperatures. In this research, a detailed review of different types of biaxial loadings has been performed and Fe-SMA’s publications and US Patents data related to different types of biaxial loading have been compared with that of different linear elastic isotropic materials (e.g. Steel, Aluminium, and Copper) & nonlinear smart materials (e.g. Nitinol). All the above-mentioned data and their comparison have also been tabularized in this work. It has been observed that Publications and US Patents for different categories of biaxial loadings of Fe-SMAs are negligible as compared to that of other linear elastic isotropic materials and far less comparing with Nitinol. The keywords related to different biaxial loadings of Fe-SMAs, do not exist at all in the title of the article but exist inside few articles. The histograms have been drawn for a clear understanding of the results. It has been concluded that there must be research investigating biaxial loading applications of these valuable Fe-SMAs.

Keywords: Biaxial, Fe-SMAs, SMA, Shape Memory Effect (SME), nitinol, non-linear materials.

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