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System Modeling and Precoding Design for Multi-beam Dual-polarized Satellite MIMO System

Author(s): Tao Kai, Sun Xiaoyun, Wang Yang and Jingchun Li*

Volume 13, Issue 4, 2019

Page: [374 - 381] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/1872212112666181015150356

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Background: As the multimedia service develops and the transmission rate in terrestrial communication systems increases rapidly, satellite communication needs to improve the transmission rate and throughput. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) techniques can increase the system capacity significantly by introducing the space dimension, as the system bandwidth remains the same. Therefore, utilization of MIMO for satellite communications to increase the capacity is an important research topic. So MIMO techniques for multibeam satellite communications are researched in the dissertation.

Objective: The goal of this work is improving the capacity of the satellite system. Multi-beam and dual-polarized technologies are applied to a satellite system to improve the capacity further.

Methods: In this paper, we first introduce a multi-beam dual-polarized satellite multi-put and multiout (MBDP-S-MIMO) system which combines the full frequency multiplexing and dual-polarization technologies. Then the system model and channel model are first constructed. At last, to improve the capacity further, BD and BD-ZF precoding algorithms are applied to MBDP-S-MIMO and their performance is verified by simulation.

Results: Simulation results show the performance of the BD precoding algorithm gets better with the growth of the XPD at the receiver and is almost not affected by the growth of the channel polarization correlation coefficient. In addition, with the growth of the users’ speed, the performance becomes worse.

Conclusion: The multi-beam dual-polarized satellite MIMO system has high capacity, and it has certain application prospects for satellite communication.

Keywords: MBDP-S-MIMO, system model, channel model, precoding, satellite, design.

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