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Review Article

Lactoferrin: Major Physiological Functions and Applications

Author(s): Liyuan Hao, Qiang Shan, Jingya Wei, Fengtao Ma and Peng Sun*

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2019

Page: [139 - 144] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1389203719666180514150921

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Lactoferrin (lactotransferrin; Lf) is an iron-binding glycoprotein and one of the most important bioactivators in milk and other external secretions. It has numerous biological roles, including the regulation of iron absorption and modulation of immune responses, and has anti-microbial, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory activities. Lf regulates the quantity of iron absorbed in the intestine via its role in iron transport and can also chelate iron, directly or indirectly. Notably, it has been used as an adjuvant therapy for some intestinal diseases. It is now used in nutraceuticalsupplemented infant formula and other food products. This article reviews the content, distribution, physiologic functions and current applications of Lf, and aims to shed light on future prospects for additional applications of Lf.

Keywords: Lactoferrin (Lf), iron-binding activity, immunomodulatory function, anti-microbial effect, anti-viral effect, antioxidant effect, anti-cancer effect, application.

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