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Aspects of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in Fabricating Drug-in-Adhesive Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

Author(s): Niharika Lal, Pragya Yadav, Vaibhav Rastogi, Anurag Verma and Navneet Verma

Volume 7 , Issue 1 , 2017

Page: [3 - 15] Pages: 13

DOI: 10.2174/2210303107666170203123445

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The design and fabrication of transdermal system is an art. Out of many transdermal systems, the introduction of Drug-in-adhesive drug delivery executes close contact of the carrier with stratum corneum to deliver active molecules across the skin and then into the systemic circulation. Thus, aspect of adhesives in transdermal is vital parameter for fabrication design with respect to safety, efficacy and quality of transdermal drug delivery system. Drug-in-adhesive transdermal patch, prevents partial loss of active drug during process involved in manufacturing and drying of the patches. The optimization of the adhesive properties exhibits an important challenge during pharmaceutical development on the side of minimizing the uncertainty of adhesion failure in practice. This article provides groundwork for understanding general properties of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and utilization in the development of transdermal patches. The manuscript summarizes most extensive methods to measure adhesive properties in the time of development studies.

Keywords: Drug-in-adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesives, rheology, transdermal, viscoelastic.

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