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Sphenoethmoid Cell: The Battle for Places Inside of the Nose Between a Posterior Ethmoid Cell and Sphenoid Sinus: 3D-Volumetric Quantification

Author(s): Mehmet Senturk*, Ibrahim Guler, Isa Azgin, Engin Umut Sakarya, Ramazan Ocal, Betul Agirgol, Necat Alatas, Ismet Tolu and Mehmet Kilinc

Volume 13, Issue 4, 2017

Page: [478 - 483] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1573405613666170126150024

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Background: Sphenoethmoid cells may be above the sphenoid sinus with/ or without contact to optical nerve. Although sphenoethmoid cells are theoretically considered to possibly influence the sphenoid sinus volume, we could not find any study in the literature on this issue.

Aims: The aim of our study was to detect sphenoethmoid cells and measure the sphenoid sinus volume using multiplanar computerized tomography and also investigate the correlation between the presence of sphenoethmoid cells and the sphenoid sinus volume.

Methods: Retrospectively 141 patients who had available paranasal computerized tomography images were included in this study. The sphenoid sinus volumes of each patient were calculated individually for each side, and the relationship between the presence of sphenoethmoid cell and sphenoid sinus volume was investigated.

Results: Sphenoethmoid cells were detected at 106 (37.5%) of the total 282 sides in 141 patients. No gender difference was observed. The total sphenoid sinus volume was significantly lower in the group of patients who had bilateral sphenoethmoid cells than in the sphenoethmoid cell negative group. In patients with a unilateral sphenoethmoid cell, a significant decrease in the sphenoid sinus volume was observed only for the side where the sphenoethmoid cell was located.

Conclusion: It was observed that the sphenoethmoid cells caused a significant reduction in the sphenoid sinus volume on the side where they were located. In the case of low sphenoid sinus aeration, the sphenoethmoid cell should be kept in mind. Further studies with an extended patient series are required to explore this issue.

Keywords: Computed tomography, sphenoethmoid cell, sphenoid sinus, variation, volume, sphenoid sinus.

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