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Novel Polymers Based on Dimethyl Esters of Norbornene Dicarboxylic Acids Synthesized Using Metathesis Ring-Opening Polymerization

Author(s): Galina S. Bozhenkova, Roman V. Ashirov, Alexey A. Lyapkov, Stanislav A. Kiselev, Mekhman S. Yusubov and Francis Verpoort

Volume 14 , Issue 3 , 2017

Page: [383 - 388] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1570179413666161031151319

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Background: Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP) can provide a wide range of possibilities for polymers and copolymers synthesis. Norbornene and its derivatives can serve as monomers for the synthesis of highly molecular mass polymers with widely varying structure.

Objective: In this paper a new polymers based on dimethyl ether norbornenedicarboxylic acids were prepared by ring-opening metathesis polymerization in the presence of a catalyst of Hoveyda-Grubbs II.

Method: The resulting polymers and monomers were characterized by NMR, IR, GCMS, TGA, DSC.

Results: Chemical yield of investigated processes was more than 95 %, molecular mass of the obtained polymers was also relatively high (more than 4.5•106 g/mol). The research findings have shown that polymers obtained with bi- and tri-functional comonomers are more heat resistant and are stable up to the 370 °C. Also it was shown that the addition of bi-and tri-functional comonomers facilitates the significant improving of mechanical and physical properties. Polymer obtained with 3 wt.% of tri-functional comonomer possesses the biggest values of modulus of elasticity in flexure, breaking elongation and breaking strength.

Conclusion: New polymers based of exo,exo and endo,endo-dimethyl esters of 5-norbornen-2,3-dicarbonic acid (DME) with addition of bi-functional and tri-functional comonomers were synthesized via metathesis polymerization. The addition of 3 wt.% of bi-functional and tri-functional comonomers resulted in polymers having a higher crosslinking degree and glass transition temperature. The synthesized polymers demonstrated a higher application temperature and better mechanical and physical properties than poly-DME.

Keywords: Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP), bi- and tri-functional comonomers, cross-linking agent, norbornene derivatives.

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