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A Design of Multi-band Wide Spectrum High-definition Remote Detection System

Author(s): Mingxi Xue, Zheng You, Gaofei Zhang, Liangchen Ye and Weiqi Du

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2016

Page: [177 - 184] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2213111607666160923165141

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Background: Multi-spectral imaging detection technology is a new generation of optical remote sensing detection technology, it can obtain exact color information, and according to features of acquired data it can get more spectral information, at the same time, the multi-spectral imaging technology can overcome the phenomenon of “same color different spectrum”, it can make imaging detection and identification of target object accurately and effectively, according to the structure of the image sensor, imaging principle, data read mode, and on the basis of a variety of spectral imaging system, the principle and structure of multi-spectral imaging system were proposed based on single camera and FPGA chip, the designed system can receive the four parallel outputs of CMOS sensor data, and the system takes them as four separate signals respectively in image processing.

Methods: Multi-spectral imaging system overall design system overall design scheme of structure, it includes both hardware and software systems, hardware system includes the construct of multi-spectral imaging system, system calibration, spectral imaging experiment and imaging difference comparative study, etc. Software system includes the design of the spectrum reconstruction model and algorithm.

Multispectral imaging detection technology can be in more than one through pre-selected characteristic spectrum band imaging detection of target scenario, and can well realize the authenticity of a color close target recognition, clutter background suppression and other traditional image detectors can't complete the task of wide band. Although, multi-spectral imaging detection technology compared with hyperspectral imaging detection technology in spectral imaging can greatly reduce the number of wavelengths, it cannot reach identification precision of the target species, and be adapt to more class scene, the pixels, target recognition, and other functions.

But in specific scenarios, through study in advance good target and the background signal intensity differences of spectral bands, the background noise ratio target can be improved, the detection performance can also be improved. Most importantly multi-spectral imaging detector has simple structure, small volume and can realize miniaturization of tactical observation equipment, and thus it can meet the needs of variety of occasions. For a long time, multi-spectral imaging sensor does not get more attention not like a hyperspectral image sensor, and related theoretical innovation and technological innovation are lacked. Aimed at the problem according to the image plane segmentation imaging patent, we design a novel visible wavelengths integral four band spectral imaging optical path structure. The four bands imaging optical path structure which is similar to color multi-spectral imaging of target identification, in the experiment narrow-band filters imaging in different regions of the spectrum, clustering techniques to target the multispectral image data are analyzed, and the multispectral imaging detection technology in target recognition application are verified.

Conclusion: In the paper, it presents overall structure of multi-spectral remote sensing imaging system and the imaging unit, optical path system, the control unit and the design of the mechanical structure, and repeated in different time, different illumination conditions, different imaging angle repeated multispectral imaging test, through the preliminary analysis of the experimental data, the multi-spectral imaging system can satisfy the specific spectrum, multi-spectral imaging of different bandwidth requirement, but in different frequency band its imaging ability can be further improved.

Keywords: Design, high-definition, multi-band, wide Spectrum, remote detection system, multi-spectral imaging detection.

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