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Serum Hepcidin: Its Correlation with Serum Ferritin, Serum Iron and Hemoglobin in Patients of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Author(s): Sajjad H. Naqvi, Syed Faizan-ul-Hassan Naqvi, Iftikhar H. Naqvi, Muhammad Farhan, Tanveer Abbas, Lu Yang and Asma Gul

Volume 14 , Issue 2 , 2014

Page: [105 - 113] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/187152221402150408110832

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Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is the commonest nutritional problem responsible for 50% cases of anemia worldwide. An extensively searched literature revealed that Iron deficiency anemia is found to be the most common nutritional disorder among Pakistani population. Early Identification of IDA and administering the appropriate therapy are of paramount importance in its management.

The study is aimed to determine the serum hepcidin level in IDA patients and its correlation with serum ferritin, iron and hemoglobin. Methods: This was a pilot study including 25 patients of Iron deficiency anemia (IDA). Patients were enrolled from Life Line medical and Diagnostic Centre from May 2014 to August 2014. All patients of age > 13 years with given written consent were enrolled. Complete blood count and Iron profile/ studies were conducted.

Out of twenty five patients with iron deficiency anemia, 14 patients (56%) were female while 11(44%) were male. The mean hemoglobin concentration was 8.544 ± 1.54 g/dL, serum ferritin was 9.09±1.35 ng/dL and serum iron was 27.2±6.78μg/dL. The mean serum hepcidin level of patients was 13.2± 1.03ng/ml. Three iron deficiency parameters were correlated with serum hepcidin level. Serum ferritin had technically weak positive correlation with serum hepcidin (r = 0. 021, determination coefficient R= 0.048). Serum iron also had weak positive correlation with serum hepcidin (r = 0. 25, determination coefficient R= 0.066). Serum iron also had weak positive correlation with serum hepcidin (r = 0. 25, determination coefficient R= 0.066). Hemoglobin had a negative correlation with serum hepcidin (r = -0.06, determination coefficient R= 0.004).

This pilot study showed weak positive correlation between serum hepcidin with serum iron and serum ferritin level in patients with iron deficiency anemia. Study further showed negative correlation between hemoglobin levels with serum hepcidin. Further large scale studies are required to confirm this correlation along with determination of serum hepcidin as a diagnostic marker for iron deficiency anemia.

Keywords: Ferritin, hepcidin, iron deficiency anemia, serum iron.

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