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Current Organocatalysis


ISSN (Print): 2213-3372
ISSN (Online): 2213-3380

Diversity Oriented p-TSA Catalyzed Efficient and Environmentally Benign Synthetic Protocol for the Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Heteroannulated Benzothiazolopyrimidines

Author(s): Sarita Khandelwal, Anshu Rajawat, Yogesh Kumar Tailor and Mahendra Kumar

Volume 2 , Issue 1 , 2015

Page: [37 - 43] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/2213337201666140923211914

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Diversity oriented synthetic protocol has been presented for the synthesis of structurally diverse drug -like small molecules. The present method involves three-component domino reaction of 2- aminobenzothiazoles, thiophene-2-carbaldehyde and carbonyl compounds in the presence of a catalytic amount of p-toluenesulphonic acid (p-TSA) as a recyclable and reusable eco-friendly acid catalyst in aqueous- alcoholic medium (C2H5OH- H2O:v:v/ 1:5). The synthesis of structurally diverse heterocycles in very high yields (92-97%) from easily available starting materials, operational simplicity, mild reaction conditions, use of nontoxic and reusable acid catalyst, environmentally benign solvent system and shorter reaction time (10- 48 min) at comparatively low temperature are special features of the present synthetic protocol.

Keywords: 2-aminobenzothiazoles, benzothiazolochromenopyrimidines, benzothiazolopyranopyrimidines, benzothiazolopyrimidines, benzothiazolopyrimidopyrimidines, diversity oriented synthesis, p-toluenesulphonic acid (p-TSA), sustainable chemistry.

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