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ISSN (Print): 2213-1116
ISSN (Online): 2213-1132

A CPW-Fed UWB Antenna with C-band/WLAN/X-band Notch Functions using Isosceles Triangular Resonator and Stepped Impedance Resonator

Author(s): Yingsong Li, Chengyuan Liu, Fang Fu, Xiaodong Yang and Tao Jiang

Volume 5 , Issue 2 , 2012

Page: [164 - 171] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2213111611205020164

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A CPW-fed circular wide slot UWB antenna with C-band, WLAN and X-band notch functions has been presented in this article. The two stop bands are obtained by etching an isosceles triangular resonator with an inner isosceles triangular stub in the circular radiation patch and a stepped impedance resonator with an inner stub in the CPW fed transmission line. The two notched bands can be tuned by changing the dimensions of isosceles triangular, stepped impedance resonator and the inner stubs to give tunable notched band functions. The proposed dual notched band UWB antenna has been designed in details and optimized by means of HFSS. The proposed antenna has a small size of 32x24x1.6mm3. The simulated and measured results show that the designed UWB antenna has an impedance bandwidth of 10.7GHz covering the frequency band from 2.8GHz to 13.5GHz for voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) less than 2, except the notch bands 4.0GHz-5.4GHz for C-band and WLAN, 8.2GHz-9.3GHz for X-band which are used in satellite and military communications. The article also refers some recent patents on UWB antenna design.

Keywords: Notch band, isosceles triangular resonator, stepped impedance resonator, UWB antenna, ANTENNA STRUCTURE, Impedance bandwidth, designed antennas

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