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Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture


ISSN (Print): 2212-7984
ISSN (Online): 1876-1429

Recent Patents on the Sterilization of Food and Biomaterials by Super-critical Fluids

Author(s): Adi Md Sikin and Syed S.H. Rizvi

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2011

Page: [212 - 225] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/2212798411103030212

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Supercritical fluid technology applies the unique characteristics of certain substances under particular conditions of pressure and temperature above their critical point. In particular, supercritical fluid sterilization provides a nonthermal solution to problems related to bacterial, viral, yeast and enzyme inactivation in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as healthcare services. Supercritical fluid CO2 is versatile for sterilization due to its non-reactive nature, ability to penetrate into cells and tissues, reduced energy usage and improved quality retention of heat-sensitive substrates. Therefore, the purpose of this review is to illustrate the most recent and related patents for sterilizing food and biomaterials with supercritical fluids, published and/or granted from 2005 to present. Finally, the manuscript reports a discussion on the current challenges and development of supercritical fluid sterilization particularly for the food industry.

Keywords: Carbon dioxide, food, patent, Supercritical fluid, sterilization, tissue, Sterilization of Food and Biomaterials, Liquid Foods, Pre-packaged foods, micro-nano bubble generator

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