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Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets


ISSN (Print): 1871-5265
ISSN (Online): 2212-3989

The Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID)

Author(s): P. J. Myler, R. Stacy, L. Stewart, B. L. Staker, W. C. Van Voorhis, G. Varani and G. W. Buchko

Volume 9 , Issue 5 , 2009

Page: [493 - 506] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/187152609789105687


The NIAID-funded Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID) is a consortium established to apply structural genomics approaches to potential drug targets from NIAID priority organisms for biodefense and emerging and re-emerging diseases. The mission of the SSGCID is to determine ~400 protein structures over five years ending in 2012. In order to maximize biomedical impact, ligand-based drug-lead discovery campaigns will be pursued for a small number of high-impact targets. Here we review the centers target selection processes, which include pro-active engagement of the infectious disease research and drug therapy communities to identify drug targets, essential enzymes, virulence factors and vaccine candidates of biomedical relevance to combat infectious diseases. This is followed by a brief overview of the SSGCID structure determination pipeline and ligand screening methodology. Finally, specifics of our resources available to the scientific community are presented. Physical materials and data produced by SSGCID will be made available to the scientific community, with the aim that they will provide essential groundwork benefiting future research and drug discovery.

Keywords: structure-based drug development, structural genomics, biodefense, ligand screening, SSGCID

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