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Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets


ISSN (Print): 1871-5303
ISSN (Online): 2212-3873

Review Article

Effects of Bacterial Metabolites on the Immune System: Enemies and Friends

Author(s): Zaaima Al-Jabri, Iman Al-Reesi, Nawal Al-Shizawi, Mohammed S. Al-Balushi, Ali A. Al-Jabri and Elias A. Said*

Volume 22, Issue 12, 2022

Published on: 15 February, 2022

Page: [1167 - 1177] Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/1871530321666211119150231

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Metabolites produced by bacteria can influence the immune system. These metabolites are produced by pathogenic bacteria as well as the friendly microbiota. This review sheds light on the major bacterial metabolites and their structures. It also describes the capacity of these molecules to stimulate and inhibit the immune responses in a way that affects their capacity to control different diseases.

Keywords: Metabolites, bacteria, microbiota, pathogenic, immune, disease.

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