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Case Report

Inferior Vena Cava Thrombus Secondary to Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction with Severe Hydronephrosis

Author(s): Clinton Yeaman*, Adithya Peruri, Tania Rodriguez-Carpio, Aditya Sharma, Randy Ramcharitar, Tracey Krupski and Minhaj Khaja

Volume 18, Issue 3, 2022

Published on: 23 June, 2021

Page: [353 - 356] Pages: 4

DOI: 10.2174/1573405617666210623152051

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Background: Benign external compression of the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) with distal thrombus formation is seldomly described in the medical literature.

Case Presentations: We report a case of external IVC compression by a dilated right renal pelvis and hydronephrotic kidney secondary to longstanding Ureteropelvic Junction (UPJ) obstruction found in a 68-year-old male. Management included therapeutic anticoagulation, IVC filter placement, attempted thrombectomy by interventional radiology, and interval repeats imaging. This patient demonstrated complete resolution of the caval thrombus on repeat imaging 2 months following discharge. This case highlights the importance of interdisciplinary team coordination, a crucial component of patient’s management and eventual treatment plan. It is reasonable to manage patients with IVC thrombus with anticoagulation alone.

Conclusion: In the modern era, angiointerventional techniques provide minimally invasive approaches to the management of vascular disorders and minimize morbidity.

Keywords: Inferior vena cava, thrombosis, hydronephrosis, ureteral obstruction, anticoagulation, radiology.

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