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Relationship with Metalloproteinase 13, E-cadherin, Homocysteine and Co Factors Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 in Patients Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Thaís M. Gascón*, Beatriz G. Lourenço, Edimar C. Pereira, Beatriz A. da Costa Aguiar, Glaucia L. Veiga, Flavia de Sousa Gehrke, Fernando Adami and Fernando L.A. Fonseca

Volume 17 , Issue 1 , 2021

Published on: 26 October, 2020

Page: [33 - 41] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1573408016999201026195354

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Introduction: Prostate cancer (Pc) is the most frequent neoplasia in men and the second cause of death in Brazil.

Objective: To analyze the interactions and biologicals responses of Pc oxidative stress and prostatespecific antigen (PSA), E-cadherin and MMP-13. Demonstrate whether the increase of the amount of the form of E-cadherin found in the plasma of Pc patients, correlates with decrease of the PSA.

Methods: Samples were obtained through peripheral venipuncture to analyse parameters of biomarkers pc as PSA, E-cadherin, MMP-13, Homocysteine, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Testosterone T and free following the patients diagnosis, 3 and 6 months during their treatment to analyze the biological responses of Pc oxidative stress.

Results: The analysis was performed by using immunoenzymatic assay. Statistical data processed through Excel in Windows Vista and analyzed through the Shapiro-wilk Test, ANOVA, and Spearman Test. An increase in the concentration of E-cadherin (p = 0.02), as a decrease in concentration of PSA (p < 0.001), total testosterone (p < 0.001) and free testosterone (p = 0.02) was observed during the treatment period without significant alterations in the remaining markers for either of the periods.

Discussion: It was found that during treatment of men diagnosed with pc that there was an an increase in the concentration of plasmatic E-cadherin, which was negatively correlated with the concentrations of folic acid (-0,03 (0,87) rs (p). It was observed that the levels of hcy are positively correlated with concentrations of total testosterone and a negative correlation. Vitamins B12 remained within the parameters of normality during the entire study.

Conclusion: P.S.A levels were free and total testosterone levels decreased. In this way, monitoring the folic acid, E-cadherin dosages of patients during the treatment phases can effectively complement in the face of remission, since it would be a way of preventing abnormal cell replications, with a clinical view prudent so that the cell methylation cycle is not affected.

Keywords: Prostate cancer, metalloproteinase-13, E-cadherin, homocysteine, biomarkers, prostate-specific antigen.

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