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Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry


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Radioactive Gold Nanoparticle in Two Forms (19879Au GNPs and 99mTc-GNPs) for Lung Cancer Antiproliferative Induction and Intralesional Imaging: A Proof of Concept

Author(s): Hongwei Xu, Shengpan Jiang, Jimin Wang, Xuebing Li, Tingwei Wu, Pengfei Xu, Ralph Santos-Oliveira and Aohua Zhang*

Volume 20, Issue 14, 2020

Page: [1648 - 1653] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1871520620666200529113818

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Background: Lung cancer is among the most common cancers worldwide, responsible for 13% of all new cancer cases. Also, it is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. In this scenario, an effective and efficient treatment is required.

Objective: Production of two gold nanoparticles: 198Au and 99mTc-Au. The first one has been produced from irradiation of the 197Au in order to produce a beta-emitter gold nanoparticle for cancer therapy. The second one has been produced from the radiolabeling of gold nanoparticles with technetium 99 metastable in order to produce imaging nanoagent.

Methods: The 198Au nanoparticles were produced by irradiation and identified by hyper-purity germanium (HPGe). They were then evaluated in vitro in order to confirm the behavior on cell proliferation of lung cancer cell lines by the MTT methodology using A549 cells. The 99mTc-Au nanoparticles were produced by directradiolabeling with 99mTc and evaluated in vivo as intralesional nanoagent.

Results: The results showed that in both cases, all the nanoparticles have performed their duties with excellence. The 198Au nanoparticles were capable to kill lung cancer cells, while 99mTc-Au was capable to image the tumor after intralesional injection. In addition, 99mTc-Au nanoparticles were useful for biodistribution assay imaging, showing the main organs responsible for the nanoparticle uptake in healthy animals.

Conclusion: Both gold nanoparticles showed to be a highly efficient nanoagent for both: therapy and diagnosing of lung cancer.

Keywords: Radioactive gold, lung cancer, nanoparticles, theranostic, imaging, cancer therapy.

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