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Review Article

Recent Studies on HDAC Inhibitors Acting against Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Basheerulla Shaik*, Tabassum Zafar and Satya P. Gupta

Volume 16 , Issue 1 , 2020

Page: [74 - 89] Pages: 16

DOI: 10.2174/1573408016666200402092557

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Prostate cancer is one of the prominent death cause in males with alarming rates of inclusion of new cases each year. There are many new classes of anti-tumor agents already investigated that modulate the epigenetic or non-epigenetic mechanisms such as cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, cell death within cancer cells. Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors are one of them. In recent times, the use of HADC inhibitors are approved as a clinical molecule to treat a group of malignancies. Vorinostat and depsipeptide are two new HDAC inhibitors that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The present review is an effort to summarize the recent findings related to HDAC inhibitors against prostate cancer along with their molecular mechanism and biological mode of actions behind the anticancer efficacy.

Keywords: Classification, histone deacetylase, prostate cancer, recent advances, mammalian cells, DNA.

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Graphical Abstract
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