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Review Article (Mini-Review)

Epicardial Fat: A New Therapeutic Target in Psoriasis

Author(s): Preetha Kamath, Gabrielle Benesh, Paolo Romanelli and Gianluca Iacobellis *

Volume 25 , Issue 46 , 2019

Page: [4914 - 4918] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666191206091105

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Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting over 8 million Americans. Importantly, patients with psoriasis are at an increased risk of developing atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and myocardial infarctions. Several studies have suggested that psoriasis may be an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease given their shared inflammatory properties and pathogenic similarities. Epicardial fat is also linked to cardiovascular disease and may be an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis. It has been proposed that measuring epicardial fat tissue may serve as a useful subclinical measure of cardiovascular disease in psoriasis patients. Echocardiography has been increasingly adopted as an accurate, minimally invasive, and cost-effective measure of determining the volume and thickness of epicardial fat. Using echocardiographic measures of epicardial fat thickness as a marker of cardiovascular disease and therapeutic target in psoriasis patients may provide clinicians with a means to better manage and hopefully prevent deleterious downstream effects.

Keywords: Psoriasis, epicardial fat tissue, epicardial adipose tissue, cardiovascular disease, echocardiography, atherosclerosis.

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