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Review Article

The Azoles in Pharmacochemistry: Perspectives on the Synthesis of New Compounds and Chemoinformatic Contributions

Author(s): Jéssika de Oliveira Viana, Alex France Messias Monteiro, José Maria Barbosa Filho, Luciana Scotti* and Marcus Tullius Scotti

Volume 25 , Issue 44 , 2019

Page: [4702 - 4716] Pages: 15

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666191125090700

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Due to their versatile biological activity, Azoles are widely studied in pharmacochemistry. It is possible to use them in many applications and in studies aimed at discovering antiparasitic, antineoplastic, antiviral, antimicrobial compounds; and in the production of materials for treatment of varied pathologies. Based on their biological activity, our review presents several studies that involve this class of organic compounds. A bibliographic survey of this type can effectively contribute to pharmaceutical sciences, stimulating the discovery of new compounds, and structural improvements to biological profiles of interest. In this review, articles are discussed involving the synthesis of new compounds and chemoinformatic contributions. Current applications of azoles in both the pharmaceutical and agri-business sectors are well known, yet as this research highlights, azole compounds can also bring important contributions to the fight against many diseases. Among the heterocyclics, azoles are increasingly studied by research groups around the world for application against tuberculosis, HIV, fungal and bacterial infections; and against parasites such as leishmaniasis and trypanosomiasis. Our hope is that this work will help arouse the interest of research groups planning to develop new bioactives to fight against these and other diseases.

Keywords: Azoles, indazoles, triazoles, benzothiazole, benzimidazole, pharmacochemistry.

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