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Review Article

Application of Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions in Organic Synthesis

Author(s): Shalu Sain, Sonika Jain, Manish Srivastava, Rajendra Vishwakarma and Jaya Dwivedi*

Volume 16, Issue 8, 2019

Page: [1105 - 1142] Pages: 38

DOI: 10.2174/1570179416666191104093533

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Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions have gained a continuously growing interest of synthetic organic chemists. The present review gives a brief account of applications of the palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions in comprehensive synthesis, viz., the Heck, Stille, Suzuki–Miyaura, Negishi, Sonogashira, Buchwald–Hartwig, Ullmann and the Oxidative, decarboxylative cross-coupling reactions, with particular emphasis on the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.

Keywords: Palladium catalyst, cross-coupling, Heck reaction, Suzuki-Miyaura, Stille, Sonogashira Coupling, Buchwald–Hartwig reaction, Ullmann reaction.

Graphical Abstract
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