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Anti-Tumour Activity of Glycodendrimer Nanoparticles in a Subcutaneous MEC-1 Xenograft Model of Human Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Author(s): Barbara Ziemba, Hanna Sikorska, Magdalena Jander, Wojciech Kuncman, Marian Danilewicz, Dietmar Appelhans, Maria Bryszewska, Maciej Borowiec and Ida Franiak-Pietryga*

Volume 20 , Issue 3 , 2020

Page: [325 - 334] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/1871520619666191019093558

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Background: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) is an indolent disorder, which mainly affects older adults. Since the advent of chemoimmunotherapy, great progress has been made in its treatment. However, some patients develop a more aggressive form of the disease and are included in the group of high-risk CLL patients with a dismal prognosis and a need for new therapies.

Objective: Maltotriose-modified poly(propylene imine) dendrimers were presented as potential agents in targeted therapy for CLL in the murine xenograft model.

Methods: Tumour, brain and internal organs resected from NOD scid gamma mice were subjected to gross and histopathological evaluation.

Results: The results of ex vivo tissue examination indicated that open-shell glycodendrimers prevented/inhibited the spread of CLL into the brain and internal organs and its transformation into a more aggressive form.

Conclusion: The results of the study have a potentially important impact on the design of future personalized therapies as well as clinical trials.

Keywords: Poly(propylene imine), dendrimer, tumour, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, anticancer therapy, in vivo, ex vivo.

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