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Performance of Natural Coagulants on Greywater Treatment

Author(s): D. Chitra and L. Muruganandam*

Volume 13 , Issue 1 , 2020

Page: [81 - 92] Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/2405520412666190911142553

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Background: Reusing waste water by appropriate treatment is an effective method for substantiating the ever increasing water demand for construction, irrigation, domestic and industrial purposes. The greywater is the domestic waste water that does not contain the toilet effluent and it is converted and used for non-potable purpose through coagulation and flocculation by using natural coagulant.

Objective: The main objective of this work is to evaluate the coagulating efficiencies of various natural coagulants on synthetic greywater by varying pH, mixing speed, mixing time and coagulant dosage.

Methods: Powdered coagulants obtained from tamarind seeds, moringa oleifera, banana peels and fly ash were compared with conventional commercial coagulants like alum for synthetic and real greywater.

Results: The natural coagulants have shown significant performance compared to chemicals like alum.

Conclusion: The turbidity removal efficiency for tamarind seeds, moringa oleifera, banana peels and fly ash were found to be 61.33%, 85.75%, 90.42%, 94.27% against 96.49% obtained from alum on treating with synthetic grey water under identical conditions.

Keywords: Greywater, coagulation, natural coagulant, tamarind seed, Moringa oleifera, alum.

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