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Review Article

A Review of the Role of Amelogenin Protein in Enamel Formation and Novel Experimental Techniques to Study its Function

Author(s): Saqib Ali* and Imran Farooq

Volume 26 , Issue 12 , 2019

Page: [880 - 886] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/0929866526666190731120018

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Amelognein protein plays a vital role in the formation and mineralization of enamel matrix. Amelogenin structure is complex in nature and researchers have studied it with different experimental techniques. Considering its important role, there is a need to understand this important protein, which has been discussed in detail in this review. In addition, various experimental techniques to study amelogenin protein used previously have been tackled along with their advantages and disadvantages. A selection of 67 relevant articles/book chapters was included in this study. The review concluded that amelogenins act as nanospheres or spacers for the growth of enamel crystals. Various experimental techniques can be used to study amelogenins, however, their advantages and drawbacks should be kept in mind before performing analysis.

Keywords: Amelogenin, amelogenesis, enamel formation, techniques, nanospheres, mineralization.

Graphical Abstract
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