State of the Art and Progress in Production of Biohydrogen

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Energy is vital to global prosperity, yet dependence on fossil fuels as our primary energy source contributes to global climate change, environmental degradation, and health problems. Hydrogen offers ...
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Use of Immobilized Cell Systems in Biohydrogen Production

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Nuri Azbar and Ilgi K. Kapdan


Cell and enzyme immobilization is a widely employed technique in many industrial applications. Over the recent years, researchers have been also focusing on benefiting from the merits of immobilization techniques in biohydrogen studies. In this chapter, various immobilization techniques and their application results in terms of enhancing biohydrogen production via different processes, namely anaerobic dark and light fermentation, are presented. For this purpose, firstly, principles of various immobilization techniques and protocols are discussed and secondly the literature reports on the results of use of immobilization techniques are reviewed in regards to their biohydrogen productions.


Immobilization, bioreactor, biohydrogen, biofilm systems, immobilization materials, carrier material, fixed bed, fluidized bed, expended bed, UASB.


Bioegineering Department, Ege University