Production of Fatty Acids, Monoacylglycerols and Diacylglycerols by Hydrolysis of Palm Olein Using Immobilized Turkey Pancreatic Lipase

Author(s): Mohamed Sellami, Fakher Frikha, Imen Aissa, Youssef Gargouri, Nabil Miled.

Journal Name: Current Chemical Biology

Volume 6 , Issue 2 , 2012

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Turkey pancreatic lipase immobilized on celite was used to produce fatty acids, diacylglycerols and monoacylglycerols by hydrolysis of palm olein in a solvent free system. Turkey lipase preparation was obtained out of a delipidated pancreatic for a biotechnological application. The effect of process variables on enzymatic hydrolysis was investigated, and the maximization of hydrolysis rate was carried out using an experimental design technique. A high degree of hydrolysis (71.85 ± 1.618%) was reached under optimal conditions. Fatty acids, mono- and diacylglycerols obtained after hydrolysis were purified and their ability to produce oil-in- water emulsion was tested. The monoacylglycerols exhibited the highest emulsifying activity in a wide pH range. The activity was markedly higher under acidic conditions. Unlike the synthetic surfactants, mono- and diacylglycerols have the advantages to be biodegradable and non-toxic. Their production using renewable sources (such as oil) makes them promising for the development of new ecologically friendly technologies. Unlike animal's lipases studied so far, the enzymatic activity showed, upon immobilization on celite, a remarkable tolerance to the high interfacial tension of oil in water emulsion in the absence of surfactants. Furthermore, as per our knowledge, the first time an animal's lipase (from turkey) has been used to produce fatty acids and glycerides emulsifiers. The procedure described here can help upgrading pancreases from slaughtering poultry, usually underutilized, in order to produce fatty acids and emulsifiers from cheap vegetable oils.

Keywords: Diacylglycerols, Emulsifying activity, fatty acids, monacylglycerols, palm olein, Turkey pancreatic lipase, diethylether, Free Fatty Acids, Candida rugosa, Ammonium sulfate, immobilization process

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Year: 2012
Page: [104 - 112]
Pages: 9
DOI: 10.2174/187231312801254741
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