Environmental Issues for the Twenty-First Century and their Impact on Human Health

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The close of the first decade of the 21st century posed additional pressing environmental issues related to human activities and their effects on the planet. The need to protect the planet seems ...
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What can be Done: Are there Remedies?

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Richard B. Philp


It is usually easier to identify what needs to be done than it is to do it. This chapter will discuss those things that are in this category as well as attempting to identify some of the things that are achievable and comparatively affordable to reduce GHG emissions. Some well-intentioned legislation that went off the rails will also be discussed. To state the obvious, we need to reduce our production of greenhouse gases as well as environmental pollution and this requires lowering our consumption of fossil fuels.


GreenHouse Gases (GHGs), logging, fossil fuel combustion, wind turbines, Low Frequency Noise (LFN), human health, solar, nuclear, geothermal, wind turbine syndrome, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas, ethanol, thorium, biodiesel, jatropha, green construction, household conservation, nanotubes, peak oil.


The University of Western Ontario Canada