Environmental Issues for the Twenty-First Century and their Impact on Human Health

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The close of the first decade of the 21st century posed additional pressing environmental issues related to human activities and their effects on the planet. The need to protect the planet seems ...
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Governments, Corporations and the Environment

Pp. 76-94 (19)

Richard B. Philp


All too often it seems that governments are easily swayed by corporate lobbyists who hold out the appealing prospect of job creation and tax revenues from the development of energy resources such as crude oil, natural gas and even coal. And all too often it seems that corners are cut without regard to safety considerations or the environmental impact. It has been said that money dissolves principles. Some examples are discussed here.


Gulf oil spill, British Petroleum (BP), halliburton Co., Alberta oil sands, oil subsidies, wedge drilling, fracking, shale methane, well contamination, fracking fluid chemicals, weak self regulation, coal mining accidents, corruption, gulf spill 2011, risks to marine aquaria, corporate ethics, oil sands reclamation, mineral exploration, ring of fire, sandy pond, legislation and drinking water.


The University of Western Ontario Canada