The Natural Products Journal

Bin Wu
Zhejiang University


Volatile Compounds Profile of Musa FHIA 02: An Option to Counter Losses by Black Sigatoka

Author(s): Victor Costa Castro Alves, Maria Flavia Azevedo da Penha, Nayra de Oliveira Frederico Pinto, Deborah dos Santos Garruti.


In order to prevent the spread of banana diseases in Brazil, the government is expecting to replace the cultivation of sensitive varieties for other pest-resistant cultivars. But if the sensory properties are not taken into account, the breeding program may not succeed. The aim of this work was to compare the volatile compounds profile of Fhia 02 (AAAB group), resistant to black leaf streak disease, with its non resistant female genitor, Prata Ana (AAB group), one of the most commonly consumed cultivars in Brazil. Volatile compounds were isolated from the headspace by solid-phase microextraction and identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometer. Fhia 02 presented a richer volatile profile, with high amount of esters with desirable ‘fruity’, ‘banana’, ‘herbal’ and ‘sweet’ odor notes, indicating high flavor quality with great potential for consumer acceptance.

Keywords: Aroma, flavor, banana, banana diseases, black leaf streak disease, solid-phase microextraction, SPME, musa FHIA, volatile compounds

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Article Details

Year: 2012
Page: [55 - 60]
Pages: 6
DOI: 10.2174/2210315511202010055