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A New Addressing Schema for Mapping Honeycomb into Different Topologies

Author(s): Bassam Al-Shargabi, Abdulaziz Al-Nahari and Alia Taha Sabri

Affiliation: Faculty of Information Systems&Technology, Isra University, P O Box 33 Amman11622, Jordan.

Keywords: ADDRESSING SCHEMA, Grid architecture, honeycomb networks, parallel system, Mapping Honeycomb, Honeycomb addressing schema, multi-processor systems, BINARY TREE, cluster-based network


In a parallel system, nodes communicate with each other by exchanging messages. Different topologies exist for arranging processors in a network based on the architecture of the network; or based on the fact that a network is a multiprocessor or multi computer network. A honeycomb network is considered as a multiprocessor / multi-computer interconnection network where each node represents a processor/computer and each line represents a link between two computers. In this paper a new addressing schema is presented for the honeycomb network; which can be used in many levels. The rest of the paper defines some methods of mapping the honeycomb into bus, tree, grid in addition to a proposed cluster-based architecture. Mapping the honeycomb requires however some compromising; such as ignoring some links or adding others. Recent patent and research advances aim to find methods for reducing the complexity of mapping honeycomb into other topologies.

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Article Details

Page: [211 - 216]
Pages: 6
DOI: 10.2174/2213275911104030211